FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST is about changing the value of science and technology in our society starting with today's students that will become tomorrow's leaders. Many universities and technical organizations offer scholarships available only to FIRST students. Some universities such as Clarkson University will even waive the application fees for FIRST students. Scholarships are available to Junior and Senior FIRST students.

Students who have joined the FIRST team are interested in design, public relations, engineering, shop, construction, technology or just being a part of the team.

For more information visit the FIRST scholarship website at:

2019 Student List

  • Victoria Bullen
  • Deegan Chase
  • Andrew Clarke
  • Josh Combs
  • Wyatt DuBois
  • Matthew Giglio
  • Ayden Hagar
  • Jonathan Matlack-Grey
  • Kyler Paul
  • Zachary Russell
  • Conor Ryan
  • Bo Sisco
  • Samuel Solomon
  • Cory Wilson

2019 Mentor List

  • Mr. Dave Sheldon - Team Leader
  • Mr. Mike Caruso - Team Co-leader
  • Mr. Chris Klatt - Norwich Advisor
  • Mr. Jon Ryan - Sherburne Advisor
  • Mr. Will Rexroat - Unadilla Valley Advisor
  • Mr. Jim Sergio
  • Mr. John Chrisbacher
  • Ms. Samantha Chamberlin
  • Mr. Tom Murray
  • Mr. Jeff Rudy

FIRST Team 145 T-Rx Contact Details

Telephone: (607) 226-2170
89 Midland Drive
Norwich, NY 13815